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The Most Preferential! Big Giveaway of Golden Emblem【Time Limited】!

04/14/2018  Hits:683

Activity One: The Most Preferential !
Activity Time: 00:00 Apr.15-23:50 Apr.15 (PST)
Activity Range: S1-S73

Activity Content:

During the event, click  to enter

During the event, you will be able to receive the most preferential pack than ever when your total recharge Gold reach the certain amounts.

Accumulatively recharge 100 gold, you can get 5 Golden Emblem*1

Accumulatively recharge 300 gold, you can get 10 Golden Emblem*1

Accumulatively recharge 1000 goldyou can get 45 Golden Emblem*1

Accumulatively recharge 2000 gold, you can get 80 Golden Emblem*1

Accumulatively recharge 4000 gold, you can get 200 Golden Emblem*1

Hurry to join the event for the massive gift!

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