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Announcement of Data Transmission of Blade of Queen

05/07/2018  Hits:1380

Dear Heroes:

To provide our players with broader battle field, better gaming experience and more opportunities to make friends with players of Blade of Queen, and to promote communications between players, considering the feedback of our players and the current situation of every server, we made a decision to operate a Data Transmission on some servers.

Data Transmission Time: 01:00 May 8th (PST)   

Data Transmission Range: please check the following picture                             

Data Transmission Rules and FAQ: 
>>Click it for details of Data Transmission Rules

1. The related functions of Sanctuary  will be inactivated during the merging, and will be available after the Data Transmission.
2. After the Data Transmission, emails and attachments will be deleted. Please claim them timely.
3. After the Data Transmission, the Daily Turntable Chances will be reset. Please use them timely
4. After the Data Transmission, all rankings, such as Flower Ranking, will be merged into one and recounted.
5. In the process of server merging, system will automatically add number suffix to all characters to avoid same character name. After the server merger, system will send Rename Card to all players in 24 hour. Using the Rename Card can submit the application of renaming your character. After the approval of System the name of your character should be changed as supplied in your application.
6. During the Setting period, servers involved in the Data Transmission will be shut down in batches, so the game will be unavailable to log in. Considering the actual situation, the opening will be put forward or delayed. Please inform your friend players about this announcement. Thank you for your cooperation!

7. After merging, points in Ranking of Mining Scramble will be wiped. Points in the Shop won’t be affected.
8. After merging, progress of such events like【Wish】 and 【Angel Escort】 will be be subject to the first server of each group.

Data Transmission Time, Servers & Compensations:

Due to the time gap of server opening, players will have some differences in level and equipment. For players from later opened servers, they will have lower level and equipment. 

To balance the level and equipment gaps caused by Data Transmission, and to create fair game play environment, we offer compensations according to the opening time of servers. Players from later opened servers will get more compensation. The solution is Days of server opening *(2000K Silver+220 Stamina)
Compensations  will be sent within 48 hours after the merging.

If you have any problems, please contact Angel.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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