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Announcement of Data Transmission of Blade of Queen 03/21/2019

Firenew Flying Mount! Sacred Gears&Ascendant Orb Offering Again! 03/21/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Mar.21(PST) 03/21/2019

New Mount in Lucky Chest! Grey Wisp Offering Again! 03/18/2019

New Event-St. Patrick's Blessing! Join to Obtain Exclusive Shamro... 03/15/2019

Version Update at 22:00 Mar.14(PST) 03/14/2019

Epic-Arms of Elemental God Offering Again in Dragon Vault! 03/13/2019

Exclusive Event for White Day ——【Romance Hall】 03/12/2019

Anomaly Login Through Facebook Has Been Fixed up 03/12/2019

Ascendant Orb Offering Again! Sacred Gear Offering ! 03/09/2019

Magic Crystal Offering Again! Massive Rewards Waiting for You! 03/07/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Mar.7(PST) 03/06/2019

Introduction of Dark Slate Function 03/06/2019

Come and Join Brand New Event-Goddess Dessert House! 03/03/2019

Come and Get Treasure Tokens in Luck Chest as well as Special Eve... 03/01/2019

Introduction of 【Children】 02/28/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Feb.28(PST) 02/26/2019

New Rewards in Dragon Vault! Magic Crystal Limited Time Offering! 02/25/2019

Come and Get Treasure Tokens in Single Choice of Blessing and Spe... 02/22/2019

Treasure Token & New Stage Potion and Magic Crystal Offering! 02/20/2019

Come and Get Ascendant Orb in Single Choice of Blessing! 02/16/2019

Version Update at 01:30 Feb.18 (PST) 02/14/2019

Happy Valentine's Day! New Sweet Event-Chocolate Carnival! 02/14/2019

Exclusive Event for Valentine's Day ——【Romance Hall】 02/12/2019

Come and Take a Look at the Cute Cupid Pet and Mount! 02/10/2019

Don't Miss the Dream Ladder and Consecutive Recharge! 02/07/2019

Come and get Convenant Point in Single Choice of Blessing 02/04/2019

Gold Expert! Come and Get New Super Bowl Exclusive Horcrux! 02/02/2019

Recharge 30000 Gold For 50000 Gold Rebate ! 01/30/2019

New Oracle-Rakshasa Infanta Initial Offering! Battle Horcrux Offe... 01/29/2019

Version Update at 2:00 Feb.01(PST) 01/28/2019

Here comes the Pandora's Treasure you have all been waiting for!!... 01/26/2019

Ascendant Orb Offering Again! New SSS Eidolon-True Soul Keeper! 01/25/2019

Introduction of 【Rakshasa Infanta】 01/24/2019

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