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Version Update at 01:30.Jan 24 (PST)

01/24/2018  Hits:1214

Dear Heroes:
Blade of Queen will undergo an update for S1-S61 to improve and provide better game experience, which starts at 01:30.Jan.24 (PST). This update lasts about 15 minutes after the in-game announcement.

The update details are as follows:

【New Functions】
1.Add new【Spell Energy】function for Goddess Equipment which can offer extra stats. 

>>Click to check the details of 【Spell Energy】

2. Add Upgrade and Cultivate feature for Buddy Skin which can provide higher stats for Buddy.

>>Click to check the details of 【Upgrade & Cultivate of Skin】

3. Add new Advanced Cultivate and Super Cultivate for Buddy which can offer more stats.

>>Click to check the details of【Advanced Cultivate & Super Cultivate】

4. Deicide Skill of True Shadow, Athena and Hera can be upgraded to Rank 24 Order 10.

True Shadow Rank 24 Order 10 Deicide Skill :【Divine Shadow Aureole】
Attack all, causing great extra damage. Increase Critical and Accuracy, decreasing targets' Def for 2 rounds and poisoning targets for 2 rounds. Greatly increase self Dodge after delivering the attack. After learning Divine Shadow Aureole, Shadow will get passive skill Shadow King- Each successful dodge will reduce 10 Rage consumed for special attack releasing and restore 15% HP. 40 Rage remained after delivering the attack.
Athena Rank 24 Order 10 Deicide Skill :【Goddess Divine Rapier】
Special Attack, transfer the target current Rage to self, greatly increasing Accuracy. Also attack the buddies besides the target, causing great damage and decreasing targets' Def for 2 rounds. Greatly increase self Atk, Critical for 4 rounds after delivering the attack. After learning Goddess Divine Rapier, Athena will get passive skill Wisdom Blade- Athena won't be stunned by anymore. 45 Rage remained after delivering the attack.
Hera Rank 24 Order 10 Deicide Skill :【Furious Queen】
AOE and increase Special Attack by a large margin, has a big chance to confuse opponents and increase Melee, Special and Spell attack of own team for 2 rounds ,decrease 7 Divine Shield of opponents. Remain 45 Rage after using. After comprehending Fury of Queen, Hera will obtain Passive skill-Fury Nothingness which can recover 30 rage before attacking each round.  

5. Add new Lock feature for Eidolon Skill

  You can lock 1 skill when Eidolon reaches level 40, and lock 2 skills at the same time when Eidolon reaches level 50. The locked skills can’t be replaced for 1 time when learning new skill.

1. Improve the Jade position to avoid clicking nether icons by mistake when players are mining.
2. Confirm box added when redeeming Energy Input Scrolls.
3. Improve the tips for Goddess Vow Arcana.
4. Star level display for the equipped Dragon Soul: 

It will show the equipped Dragon Soul’s stats when click on the dragon soul which is in the dragon soul bag.
5. Confirm box added for expelling Eidolon.
6. The color of the Eidolon Name changed when it is summoned to the town.
7. Improve the interface of Eidolon Skill learning, Eidolon Bag is built in Exchange Button.
8. Add new attributes: Special Increase, Special Reduction, Melee Increase, Melee Reduction, Enchant Accuracy and Enchant Proof in the Char-Attributes interface.
9. Decomposed feature is available for Pet Transform Card and Pet Shards which can offer pet shards.
*Pet Shards can be used to upgrade advanced pet skill and exchange new pet in One Shoot One Kill.

BUG Fixed】
1. Fixed the bug of the Divine Spark Horcrux takes effect in Crusades when players don’t equip it.
2. Fixed the bug of the expired limited time title can’t be previewed. 
3. Fixed the bug of the Remolding rebate pack can’t be Auto Claim in some cases.
4. Fixed the display anomaly of the creeps and buddies when players in battle in some cases.
5. Fixed the bug of the reinforcements can’t attend the battle in some cases.
6. Fixed some bugs of the battle freezing.

Completion time may vary due to advances or delays in update. 
During the update, players will not be able to enter the game, please inform each other. 
We are so sorry for the inconvenience it brings about and hope you can understand!

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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