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Version Update at 01:00 Sep.27 (PST)

09/26/2018  Hits:999

Dear Heroes:

Blade of Queen will undergo an update for S1-S101 to improve and provide better game experience, which starts at 01:00 Sep.27 (PST). This update lasts about 15 minutes after the in-game announcement.

The update details are as follows:

【New Functions】

1. New Goddess Equipment Resonance feature has been added into Enhance-Star-Upgrade. When main char or buddy has six Goddess Equipments with same level, players will acquire relevant resonance bonus stats. 
When all 6 Goddess equipments reach Star 10, powerful stats: Rage Saving+5 will be obtained.

2. Special Buddy Deicide Skill has been increased to Rank 32 Order 10 when they level up to Lv.160

True Shadow Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:
Attack all, causing great extra damage. Increase Critical and Accuracy, decreasing targets' Def and poisoning targets for 2 rounds. Greatly increasing self Dodge after delivering the attack. After learning Divine Shadow Aureole, Shadow will get passive skill Shadow King- Each successful dodge will reduce 10 Rage consumed for special attack releasing and restore 15% HP. And Shadow will get new skill-Bloody Shadow, increase the poison damage and ignore Divine Shield. 40 Rage remained after delivering the attack.

Athena Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:
Special Attack, transfer the target current Rage to self, greatly increasing Accuracy. Also attack the buddies besides the target, causing great damage and decreasing targets' Def for 2 rounds. Greatly increase self Atk, Critical for 4 rounds after delivering the attack. After learning Goddess Divine Rapier, Athena will get passive skill Wisdom Blade- Athena won't be stunned by anymore. And Athena will learn new skill-Stateliness Goddess, increase 40% damage of melee atk and special atk. 45 Rage remained after delivering the attack.

Asteria Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:
AOE Special Attack, increase Deathstrike of whole team for 3 rounds, have a chance to make opponent stay in sleep state 1 round, and decrease 30% ATK and 25% Accuracy of targets for 5 rounds (effects can be stacked). Comprehending extra passive skill Guard of Roses, permanently reduce 99% Special Attack Damage and 70% Melee Attack from her enemies, Asteria will learn new skill: Every time Asteria loses HP, it can offer 2 Divine Shield for the whole team. Remain 40 Rage.

Pandora Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:
AOE attacks all opponents. Increase the Accuracy and 100% to Enchant Male opponents for 1 round and Stun Female opponents for 1 round. Cause 50% extra damage of his Max HP to Male target, 50% extra damage of her current HP to Female target. After comprehending Mana Scattered, Pandora will acquire Passive Skill-Fence Penalize: permanently reduce 90% damage from the Male opponents and be immune to control effect from the Female opponents. Pandora will learn new skill: All emery who have attacked Pandora will die after 5 rounds. Remain 45 rage after using.

Fairy Queen Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:
Attack affects a row. Reduce opponent 50 rage and grant a great chance to stun the target. Decrease Melee, Special and Spell defense of opponent for 2 rounds, increasing the whole team attack, critical and block greatly for 4 rounds. Increase 3 levels of Divine Shield for the whole team. Making the enchant and invisible invalid. 45 rage remained after delivering the attack.

Shera Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:

Attack all and increase Attack by a large margin, turn enemy target with the highest special attack damage into a reindeer, and lose 30% of its maximum health each round(ignore divine shield), undertake 150% damage and lose the ability to block and dodge for 2 rounds. After learning Freezing Heart-Recovering 20% HP for herself can do extra 25% damage which is equal to her current HP. And Shera will learn new skill-Frost, freeze the enemy when deal damage to it for 1 round. 40 Rage remained after deliver the attack.

Hera Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:

Attack all and increase Special Attack by a large margin, has a big chance to confuse opponents and increase Melee, Special and Spell attack of own team for 2 rounds, decrease 7 Divine Shield of opponents. Remain 45 Rage after using. After comprehending Fury of Queen, Hera will obtain Passive skill-Fury Nothingness which can recover 30 rage before attacking each round. Hera will learn new skill-Queen Mercy: Hera's special attack will increase every 8% when any one dies during the battle.

Angel of Demon Rank 32 Order 10 Deicide Skill Introduction:

AOE special attack, increase atk for herself, decrease opponent 90% Accuracy, Dodge and Deathstrike 1 round (This effect can't be dodged) and make our buddy whose HP is the lowest stay in the Perfect Defense before attacking (The damage can't over 1), Remain 40 rage after using. Expect Death Renka, she will unlock new passive skill-Death Whisper: the opponent who killed her can't do the special attack for 5 rounds. When Angel of Devil Wings' HP is 0, she will transform and obtain new Special Skill-Nihility Shining: AOE Special Atk, has a higher chance to stun opponent 1 round and kill the opponent whose HP is lower than 30% directly and this skill ignores dodge and invisible, and will increase 30% damage when kill one opponent each time, Remain 40 Rage after using. After Angel of Devil Wings obtaining Nihility Shining will unlock new passive skill-Greedy Heart: Increase 30% attack for herself each round until she is died. It also increases 1000 Deathstrike.

3. New Goddess of Dream, Goddess of Snow and Goddess of Forest Vow have been added.


1. Improve the Interface of Char, Oracle and Numen Palace icons have been moved into it.

2. Improve extract feature in Pentacle. Players can spend Gold auto extracting it now.

3. Improve the interface of Occult, players can preview the subsequent goddess’s love.

4. Improve the interface of Temple of Light, players can check current spars you have when you pray.

5. Improve the Pandora Treasure Event, players can use Gold to auto draw and there is a limit for Silver draw.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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