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Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate !

11/29/2018  Hits:338

Activity : Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate 
Activity Time: 00:10 Nov.30-23:40 Nov.30 (PST)
Activity Range: S1-S192
Activity Content:
Accumulatively recharge  500 gold, you can get extra  750 gold 
Accumulatively recharge 1000 gold, you can get extra  750 gold 

Accumulatively recharge 3000 gold, you can get extra  3000 gold 

Accumulatively recharge 5000 gold, you can get extra 3000 gold 

Accumulatively recharge 10000 gold, you can get extra 7500 gold 

Accumulatively recharge 20000 gold, you can get extra 15000 gold 

Please claim the Gold rebate in Special Event. 

*Reward can be collected only once. You can collect at most 30000 Gold refund.

Heroes,  today's recharge can not only gets you the gold rebate in this Event but also the resources you want in the One Choice of Blessing if you have not recharge yet!

Come and Join Together!

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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