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Introduction of 【Sanctuary】

03/17/2017  Hits:2787

【Requirement of unlocking】

My heroes, when reach Lv71 and complete relevant Instance, you can unlock the Sanctuary.


Sanctuary: the legendary temple gathers powerful heroes from different areas.

【Entrance of Sanctuary】

After Sanctuary being unlocked, click the World Map of the top right, you will see the sanctuary

Here is the location of Sanctuary as follows:


After clicking, you can check the current date and weather of the sanctuary. Only 

Sunny day, Sanctuary admittanceis available as follows:


After entering Sanctuary, you will see players from different servers. You can participate in activity by talking to Mayor.


Talking to Leona is able to enter Sanctuary Tavern. When you meet the certain requirement, you can summon powerful buddies from 【Sanctuary Tavern】.

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