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Announcement of Compensation for the Server Shutdown and Retrieving Items

09/12/2019  Hits:873

Dear Hero:

After the version update at 1:30 Sep.6 (PST), due to the abnormal mail system, the players received a large number of Hero Homecoming mail containing returning rewards abnormally. After we found the problem, the affected server was shut down at the first time. After checking, some players abnormally received and used a lot of rewards from the mails.

In order to maintain a healthy and fair game environment, we urgently retrieved the unused email rewards of these players on the same day. For some players who maliciously consumed a lot of rewards, we are also checking and retrieving the rewards, please rest assured.

We sincerely apologize to all the heroes for the trouble, inconvenience and loss caused by this event.

Here's our compensation plan for the heroes.

1. Server shutdown compensation

Compensation Range: All players in servers S1-S150

Compensation: 300 Gold + 500 Stamina + 500 Stellar Shards + 500 Luck Points + 999 Roses

2. Extra compensation

Compensation Range: All players in servers S1-S150

Compensation: 500 Gold + 50 Perfect Gems Shards + Advanced Random 6 Star Dragon Soul*3 + Golden Emblem*500

Compensation will be sent via mail. Please note to check. If you have any questions, please contact Angel. Wish you have fun in game.

BOQ Admin Team


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