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Introduction of 【Pirates Treasure Hunt】

10/11/2019  Hits:567

Introduction of 【Pirates Treasure Hunt】

There are rich treasures in the blue sea. Follow the guidance of Goddess of Ocean and hunt for precious treasures!

Activity time: 2019/10/11 00:10 - 2019 10/14 23:40 (PST)

Entrance: Click on main interface


1. There’s a 5*5 treasure group in the sea. Players can explode the grid to get the treasure.

2. Rewards will be randomly refreshed in each grid after it’s exploded.

Activity Main Interface

3. 【Common Dynamite Barrel】

Players can get 1 Common Dynamite Barrel by spending every 250 Gold or purchasing with 500 Gold.

* Three Common Dynamite Barrels are eventually obtained for each direct purchase.

Common Dynamite Barrel can randomly explode 3 grids and players can get the corresponding rewards.

【Advanced Dynamite Barrel】

Players can get 1 Advanced Dynamite Barrel by recharging every 500 Gold.

Advanced Dynamite Barrel can explode 3*3 grids that player select and get the corresponding rewards.

4. 【Pearls】 obtained by players can be exchanged for rare rewards like Treasure Raider Title,etc.

It is noteworthy that 10 pearls will appear every time the grid in the center is refreshed.

5. Players are ranked by Pearls they obtain. Ranking rewards are sent to Top 10 in Sanctuary and Top 20 in all servers when the activity is over.

6. Pearls will be cleared after the event. Please use them in time~

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