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Lucky Strike to Win Massive Rewards!

10/10/2017  Hits:753

Activity: Lucky Strike!
Activity Time: 23:50 Oct.10-23:50 Oct.11 (PST)
Activity Range: S1-S46

Activity Content: 

During the event, click  Main interface as follows:

1. During the event, players can spend Gold making a spin. There are three levels including Primary, Advanced and Supreme.
Click the tag to change the Spin level

2. Different level of Spin will cost different amount of Gold. The Primary Spin will cost you 100 Gold each time and the Supreme Spin will cost you 500 Gold each time.
3. After choosing the level, you can click Start to start the Spin. The reward of Spin is given according to the patterns you get. Different level of Spin will award you different rewards.
4. 15 Spins of each level are bound to get 3 same patterns and acquire Ultra Reward. If you get 3 same patterns within 15 Spins and acquire Ultra Reward, the Current Progress will

 be reset.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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