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Brand New Battle Soul-Mechanical Redeemer is arrival! 01/22/2020

Gold Expert! Come and Get Spellfire Skeletal Mount now! 01/19/2020

Abundant Buddy Skins are back! Come and join us! 01/16/2020

Abundant Buddy Skins are back! Come and join us! 01/16/2020

Chocolate Carnival and Exquisite Trove are back! Check it out! 01/13/2020

SSS Eidolon and Oracle are back! Abundant Activities are coming ... 01/06/2020

Recharging 20K Golds gets extra 50k Golds! Crazy Reward only for ... 12/18/2019

SSS Eidolon-Dimensional Martial Lady is coming back! 12/16/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Dec.16 (PST) 12/16/2019

​Brand New Sacred Gear Shard-Scarlet Moons​ arrived! 12/13/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Dec.11 (PST) 12/11/2019

Buddy Skins are coming for you! 12/10/2019

Here's something new for you guys! 12/07/2019

Battle Soul-Mechanical Dominator is coming for you! 12/04/2019

Version Update at 1:15 Dec.4 (PST) 12/04/2019

Magic Flame Warlord Costume is waiting for you in Gold Exper! 11/28/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Nov.28 (PST) 11/27/2019

Introduction of 【Auction Master】 11/26/2019

Four Surprises on Thanksgiving Day! Black Friday Shopping Day is ... 11/25/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Nov.25 (PST) 11/21/2019

All new Horcrux-Golden Armor Chaos is Available! Come on! 11/19/2019

Holy Light Judge Summon Stone is coming! Time to upgrade! 11/16/2019

Version Update at 3:00 Nov.14 (PST) 11/14/2019

Brand New Design Skin Holy Light Guard-Angel of Demon is coming! ... 11/13/2019

Introduction of 【Fairy Shop】 11/11/2019

Brand New Activity Wisp Shop and Flame Lion is coming! What are y... 11/10/2019

Capricorn Queen and Altar of Immortal are back! What are you wai... 11/07/2019

Version Update at 1:30 Nov.7 (PST) 11/07/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Oct.31 (PST) 10/31/2019

Brand New Activities for Halloween are Coming! Halloween limited ... 10/29/2019

Introduction of 【League of Hero】 10/27/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Oct.25 (PST) 10/25/2019

Announcement of Data Transmission of Blade of Queen 10/19/2019

Magic Treasure Chest Coming ! Oracle Shard and Sacred Gear Shard ... 10/18/2019

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