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Great Pet Bonus! 130% Pet Trial Rewards! Goblim Invasion! 04/11/2017

Version Update at 01:00. Apr. 11 (PST) 04/11/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Recharge for Massive Pet Trial Stone! 04/10/2017

S9【Thor Plain】official launch, New server gifts are waiting f... 04/10/2017

【S1-S7】 Clash of the Titans: Cross-Server Conquest 04/10/2017

Giveaway of Deadly Sins Title!Supreme Retraining For Mighty Stats... 04/09/2017

Accumulated Recharge & Limited Sale & Shadow Roulette for Massive... 04/09/2017

Half Price of Gold Cultivation!Barbecue for Massive Rewards! 04/07/2017

S8【Chaotic Bolt】official launch,New server gifts are waiting ... 04/07/2017

Massive Kindling! Big Surprise!Awakening success rate double! 04/06/2017

Gold Lottery !Double Bonus of Tarot and Wish! 04/06/2017

Deadly Sins Titles&Supreme Potion Here For You!Big giveaway of St... 04/06/2017

Accumulated Recharge & Lucky Roulette for Massive Rewards! 04/03/2017

Single Recharge To Get Massive Rewards! 04/03/2017

Recharge for Refund!Supreme Retraining! Choose Stats You Want! 04/01/2017

【S7 Exclusive】Recharge For Premium Title&Wings&Pet! 03/31/2017

Special Gift for April Fools' Day-Mighty Pet: Clown! 03/31/2017

Deadly Sin Title On Sale! Massive Trial Stone for BC Boom! 03/30/2017

S7【Coldarra】official launch,New server gifts are waiting for ... 03/29/2017

Amethyst Evil Wings for Initial Offering! Recharge to Claim 10000... 03/29/2017

【Preview】April Fool's Day Exclusive Pet ! 50% Refund on Buddy... 03/28/2017

Version Update at 00:30. Mar. 28 (PST) 03/27/2017

Time Limited Offering For Mighty Buddy!Awakening success rate dou... 03/27/2017

Goddess of Pisces Is Waiting For You! Awaken Supreme Goddess Athe... 03/24/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Adorable Pet & Zodiac Title For You To Claim ! 03/24/2017

S6【Bloody Gulf】official launch,New server gifts are waiting f... 03/23/2017

Version Update at 01:00. Mar. 22 (PST) 03/21/2017

Single Recharge& Lucky Roulette for Massive Rewards! 03/21/2017

Stamina Storm! Recharge for Powerful Costume & Permanent Title! 03/20/2017

【Restoration of Anomaly Login Problem】 03/18/2017

Announcement of Anomaly Login 03/18/2017

Big Giveaway of Kindling &Silver! Massive Stellar Power is Waitin... 03/17/2017

Introduction of 【Valkyrie Trial】 03/17/2017

Introduction of 【Sanctuary Arena】 03/17/2017

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