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Come and Get Mount & Ascendant Orb at One Choice of Blessing! 06/29/2019

Chocolate Carnival is Coming! Epic-Arms of Elemental God Offering... 06/27/2019

Version Update at 1:00 June.26 (PST) 06/26/2019

Children Trial Stone Limited Offering!Come and Get It in Single C... 06/23/2019

Come and Get Multiple Oracle & Ascendant Orb at One Choice of Ble... 06/21/2019

Version Update at 00:45 June.20 (PST) 06/19/2019

Version Update at 1:00 June.13 (PST) 06/12/2019

Lucky Chest Coming!Time-Limited Items for Happy Children's Day Ha... 06/08/2019

Come and Get Mount&Horcrux in Single Choice of Blessing and Speci... 06/05/2019

Version Update at 1:00 June.6 (PST) 06/05/2019

Ascendant Orb Offering Again! New SSS Eidolon——True Frost Que... 05/31/2019

Version Update at 1:00 May.30 (PST) 05/29/2019

Version Update at 1:00 May.23 (PST) 05/22/2019

Big Profit! Multiple Sacred Gears, Pets, Horcruxes and Mount Offe... 05/16/2019

Introduction to Team Fight (Test Competition) 05/15/2019

Version Update at 1:00 May.15 (PST) 05/14/2019

Void Fear Horcrux & Shera Retinue Card at Lucky Chest! 05/13/2019

Enchanted Broom Mount Offering! 05/10/2019

Doubled Experience! Multiple New Titles, Retinue Cards, Mounts an... 05/07/2019

Angel of Demon at Lucky Chest! Demonic Stone Mask Sacred Gear Off... 05/05/2019

Version Update at 3:00 Apr.29(PST) 04/29/2019

Chocolate Carnival is Coming! Eidolon-Dimensional Martial Lady O... 04/28/2019

Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate 04/27/2019

Brand New Free Gift for Consumption! Magic Carpet Mount Offering! 04/26/2019

Version Update at 3:00 Apr.24(PST) 04/24/2019

Wakeful Fire Horcrux Offering! 04/23/2019

Kawaii Rabbit Costume Offering! New Sacred Gear Offering! 04/20/2019

Version Update at 22:00 Apr.18(PST) 04/18/2019

Sound Barrier Horcrux Offering!St. Patrick's Blessing Event Com... 04/16/2019

Three Oracle Offering!Numen Ring Offering! 04/16/2019

Ascendant Orb Offering Again! New SSS Eidolon——True Ladamanti... 04/11/2019

Version Update at 1:00 Apr.11(PST) 04/10/2019

Lucky Chest Coming! New Sacred Gear Offering! 04/07/2019

Lucky Smash to Win The New Fusion Buddy—Witch-Siren! 04/04/2019

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